Semiconductor IOT

The Internet of Things is about deploying smart solutions on tiny platforms. ErgoTech's products have supported small embedded systems since their first release. In the late 1990's systems were deployed to 233MHz Pentuim systems, embedded 90MHz Power PC and tiny ARM-based processors. While the name "IOT" has only recently been adopted, we've been providing solutions to that IOT space for more than 20 years. ErgoTech supports a range of IOT protocol including REST support for Cloud servers and MQTT as a lightweight publish and subscribe option. ErgoTech supports a great many industry protocols, including support for all major PLCs (Modbus, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, Omron and more) as well as protocols for smart-grid, semiconductor and building automation. Together with HTML5 graphics and native Android support this makes MIStudio the solution for all IOT and mobile requirements.

ErgoTech's TransSECS and MIStudio products extend IOT to semiconductor and electronics processing. You can build complete tool interfaces or pass-through (Y-Tap) interfaces for machine intelligence, or pass to the Cloud for further processing.
ErgoSIS Y-Tap

For full details, download ErgoTech's Semiconductor IOT slideshow or by clicking on the image.

IOT Diagram