MIStudio and ErgoTech virtual instrumentation has been providing solutions in a wide range of industries since 1995. This release sees support for the Android and other mobile platforms, extending the reach of solutions to tablets and smartphones.

With a library of more than 300 graphical, logical and communications components MIStudio lets you easily drag-and-drop web-based and Mobile applications for Factory Automation and Manufacturing. MIStudio can build stand-alone Android Apps and web-based views. With the MIStudio Server versions you can run the process intelligence 24/7 in an Application Server and publish web or Android views into that. The MIX application server provided with MIStudio provides a lightweight solution for this architecture from tiny embedded and IOT platforms to big Cloud servers. You build the views and intelligence together, but to make this advanced architecture possible, MIStudio automatically separates the 24/7 intelligence from the views. Download ErgoTech's MIStudio slideshow here or by clicking on the image below.

The Design Window has all the standard HMI components, meters, charts (trend and static), shapes, text, navigation and many database/form components. This will become you Applet, App or HTML5 display.

When you need more than a simple HMI, the Diagram Window lets you create logic to animate your view and perform standalone, supervisory functions. The Diagram Window has native drivers for a range of PLCs as well as industry specific protocols and packages that include Alarming, SQL Databases for Data Collection, Recipes, Configuration, Enterprise Integration, or any other database operation. The Diagram Window versions (MIStudio and MIStudio Pro) come with special components that take advantage of the Android platform: camera (photos, barcodes), global positioning, sms, tilt, etc..

There are advanced packages for Fault Tracking and Diagnostics (OEE). Scripting to allow you to build simple protocols or other logic or business intelligence that's specific to your needs. ErgoTech can also provide you with components specific to your sector or your customer requirements.

Product Version PLC Connections Trend Charts Data Manipulators Scripting Database Logging Alarming PLC Drivers Included Extra Features
MIStudio HMI



no limited no no S7, Modbus, or FINS (each product includes one driver)  



yes yes yes no S7, Modbus, or FINS (each product includes one driver) Diagram window for advanced logic design, database logging, SPC, scripting, and diagram window manipulators
MIStudio Pro unlimited unlimited yes yes yes yes all PLCs MIStudio version plus all the plc drivers and alarming. Also includes one year of technical support

Server based solutions, using the MIX Application Server or J2EE engine extends MIStudio Pro to provide 24/7 monitoring. Contact us for more details.