MIStudio and MIStudio App Builder - IOT to Cloud - Mobile, Desktop and Web Applications

Scalable from tiny embedded/IOT systems to large Cloud installations.
Easily build your own factory automation application for the Cloud and Mobile web or standalone Android and IOT Apps
Modbus, AB, Omron, Siemens, Mitsubishi, SQL Databases and more...
Android Application

ErgoTech's MIStudio provides an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that lets you easily build secure Manufacturing Intelligence, Factory Automation and SCADA System. Design with one tool, deploy to Linux or Windows, IOT and the Cloud. Create standalone Android apps, Mobile Web, and Cloud edge intelligence.

  • 20 year proven track record in a range of industries.
  • HMI, SCADA, Manufacturing Intelligence, Enterprise Integration
  • Full SQL Database Support for Historical, Alarming. Supports Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2, SQLite, etc. etc.
  • Customized Report generation, on screen database table views (eg for WIP) and much more.
  • Mobile Camera, Location (GPS), Accelerometer and SMS Send/Receive supported.
  • HTML5 Graphical Displays on all devices.
  • IOT Solutions for All Automation and specializing in Semiconductor .

IOT Diagram

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MIStudio HMI

When all you need it to view the data in your device, MIStudio HMI provides a very practical way to produce elegant and informative views of your system. You can also manually write values to the device using buttons, text entry, sliders, etc.

Flash Demos & How Tos

Here we provide some introductions and step-by-step instructions on using various aspects of the products. Check back periodically as we add more demos.


MIStudio and ErgoTech virtual instrumentation has been providing solutions in a wide range of industries since 1995. This release sees support for the Android and other mobile platforms, extending the reach of solutions to tablets and smartphones.

Custom Device Support

If you produce a device with a web server and your customers would benefit from highly configurable HMIs or more sophisticated applets or Android apps served from those devices, then MIStudio is the solution for you.

MIStudio for Android with Full Logic Designer

With MIStudio and MIStudio Pro you can use MIStudio to create an Android App that works like a traditional factory automation solution. These versions allow you to do simple or complex data manipulation and logic in the Diagram Window of MIStudio or MIStudio Pro.

Server Solutions

From tiny android devices, to small embedded systems to enterprise supercomputers, ErgoTech has an MIStudio Developer package to meet your industrial monitoring needs.

Android Solutions

Applet Based Solutions

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ErgoTech SECS and GEM

ErgoTech's TransSECS software is the fastest way to create both equipment and host SECS/GEM interfaces. SECS/GEM is widely used in the Semiconductor and Electroncs assembly industries.


The Internet of Things is about deploying smart solutions ranging from tiny platforms to Cloud-based servers. This has been the reality of ErgoTech's products since their first release.

Universal Mobile Support

MIStudio's support for the industry and web-standard HTML5 makes rich graphical displays available on all mobile platforms, this include no only Android, but iPhones, iPads and all the Apple range of products.

Embedded to Cloud

MIStudio supports a wide range of deployment platforms. This includes any Windows platform but Windows is not required. You can deploy to a variety of Linux platforms, including the Raspberry Pi and the Intel Edison. There's also support for a number of embedded systems.

Programmatic TransSECS

TransSECS is a code/class generator. It flattens the SECS/GEM message structure and provides simple set/get methods for data access. Messages are received by simple event notifications. Rapid development in the TransSECS editor and easy integration with Java, .NET or scripting languages.

Programmatic TransSECS - Java

TransSECS is a code/class generator. It flattens the SECS/GEM message structure and provides simple set/get methods for data access. Messages are received by simple Java Events. Rapid development in the TransSECS editor and easy integration with Java.

TranSECS with MIStudio

The TransSECS Editor is used to quickly build SECS/GEM tool interfaces or fab host applications. This version of TransSECS includes everything in MIStudio Plus to create a graphical user interface for your SECS/GEM application.

Semiconductor IOT

The Internet of Things is about deploying smart solutions on tiny platforms. ErgoTech's products have supported small embedded systems since their first release. In the late 1990's systems were deployed to 233MHz Pentuim systems, embedded 90MHz Power PC and tiny ARM-based processors.

MIStudio with Logging (MIStudio Plus)

MIStudio Plus is a complete development system for MIX (HTML5), Stand Alone (Java), or Android targets. This package contains Historical Logging, SPC, and four basic PLC drivers for Modbus, Omron FINS, Siemens S7 and Allen-Bradley Ethernet PCCC and serial DF1.

MIStudio for Android

ErgoTech's MIStudio for Android builds APKs for devices and PLCs. Includes trending, charting, SPC and database integration for logging, WIP, recipes, etc. This version of MIStudio allows you to connect up to 10 PLCs to your application and to use one or two Trend Charts.

Typical SECS/GEM Architectures

ErgoTech's TransSECS software give you the flexibility to create the best solution for your facility. Here are three of the most common architectures.

TransSECS Recipe Management

When you don't have a full FAB host there are still problems that ErgoTech's TransSECS can help you resolve. The most pressing is usually ensuring that the correct recipe is run at the tool. If you lot follower has the recipe as a barcode.

SECS HSMS/SECS I Protocol Converter

ErgoTech's protocol converter lets you connect tools with only Serial Ports (SECSI) to your network using the full "High Speed Messaging Service" (HSMS - E37).

Single Port SECSI-HSMS Converter

Four Port SECSI-HSMS Protocol Converter


Easy testing of SECS/GEM tool interfaces for both HSMS (Ethernet) and SECSI (Serial) tools
Finally, a free tool to validate the SECS/GEM interface to your tools. Use it to help build fab hosts. If you're a tool builder to test the interface at your tool.

Raspberry Pi

ErgoTech's solutions are available on the hugely popular Raspberry Pi. For IOT solutions we can even provide a case that includes a serial port (RS232 or RS485)


ErgoTech's TransSECS/PLC product provides the fastest solution for adding SECS/GEM to a PLC. The TransSECS editor provides a graphical user interface in which you enter the PLC addresses, hit "build" and the SECS/GEM interface is complete.

TransSECS OPC Server

TransSECS/OPC provides a SECS/GEM interface as an OPCUA server (or a Legacy OPC COM server) easily adding SECS/GEM to standard factory automation products such as Wonderware, Intellution, Indusoft and many more.

Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Advance Analytics

ErgoTech is a leader in modelling and process optimization using machine learning and deep learning.

TransSECS Benefits

With a graphical editor and easy to understand interface ErgoTech's TransSECS product provides many benefits. Even user new to SECS/GEM can create complete solutions very quickly. It's so easy and fast that we can usually create your interface for you as part of your product purchase.


TransSECS/IOT provides a SECS/GEM interface for IOT systems easily adding SECS/GEM to standard IOT protocols such as REST or MQTT. The TransSECS IOT server is a stand-alone product that you can run on Windows, Linux or other platforms.