Embedded to Cloud

MIStudio supports a wide range of deployment platforms. This includes any Windows platform but Windows is not required. You can deploy to a variety of Linux platforms, including the Raspberry Pi and the Intel Edison. There's also support for a number of embedded systems. The explosion of low-cost, high-performance hardware and the growth of IOT solutions give you more choices than ever.

You can serve rich graphics directly from small systems. You can also aggregate the data from small systems close to the PLC, controller or other industrial system into a Cloud-based architecture. MIStudio provides almost unlimited scalability.

You can choose where you want to host your intelligence. MIStudio supports Cloud deployment to large server systems, including embedding the generated intelligence in Application Servers such as TomCat or others. MIStudio's support for Web and IOT protocols, such as REST and MQTT make moving your data around simple. You can interact directly with any SQL database, there's even support for Machine Learning and Intelligence through TensorFlow. We don't limit your platform or architecture, we just enable your solutions.

MIStudio makes the graphical view into your running server available to almost any device you own. The latest web-standards (HTML5) allow the creation of very rich content. MIStudio defaults to producing web pages in HTML5 but will allow you to produce pure Android applications or Java Applications for HMI deployment.


Rich Charts and Graphs

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