MIStudio HMI

When all you need it to view the data in your device, MIStudio HMI provides a very practical way to produce elegant and informative views of your system. You can also manually write values to the device using buttons, text entry, sliders, etc.

In the HMI version of the product, there's no Diagram Window for separate logic design and data manipulation. In the Design Window you hook graphics on the screen directly to points or registers in the PLC - there's no additional logic and no data storage, just a view into the process you're running. Up to two PLCs can be monitored in the same App or application.

Using the HMI version is very simple - but remember the limitations are that it's just a view. No database, or other logic. The images below summarize how easy it is to connect your PLC registers to the graphics. You can see a demonstration of using Modbus in MIStudio HMI on the tutorials page.

Just add a device and server for the protocol you need.

Drop graphics on the screen.

Connect the graphics to the server and you're ready to deploy.