MIStudio for Android with Full Logic Designer

With MIStudio and MIStudio Pro you can use MIStudio to create an Android App that works like a traditional factory automation solution. These versions allow you to do simple or complex data manipulation and logic in the Diagram Window of MIStudio or MIStudio Pro. The comparison chart on the Overview page will show you the features you get in each version.

The diagram versions of MIStudio for Android come with components you can use to take full advantage of the Android platform if your device has the hardware to support these features. For example, global positioning, camera (take photos), and sms.

Just like the simpler MIStudio HMI solution, the generated App runs only when you're viewing the screen. But it's more than just a view, because the logic you created in the diagram window is also running while you look at the screen. This is what we call a "Combined" App because the graphics are combined with the logic into one single App.

When you need the the logic runs 24/7 whether you're viewing the display or not, then you need one of ErgoTech "Server" based solutions.