ErgoTech SECS and GEM

ErgoTech's TransSECS software is the fastest way to create both equipment and host SECS/GEM interfaces. SECS/GEM is widely used in the Semiconductor and Electroncs assembly industries.

With the TransSECS editor you build complete SECS/GEM interfaces within the editor. You can then use the generated interface in Java, .NET or a variety of scripting languages. You can also integrate the interfaces with PLCs, REST Interfaces, databases and many other logic components without coding using ErgoTech's MIStudio graphical editor allowing you to build and entire tool or host application without programming.

TransSECS SECS/GEM interfaces can be deployed on any Windows, Unix or Linux platform (including the Raspberry Pi and the Intel Edison) and on many embedded systems. You can even run the applications on Android.

Message Matching
The TransSECS editor lets you turn the generalities of the SECS/GEM standard into specific message structure. This allows you to simply extract information from the messages.

If you need to add a SECS interface too a tool or equipment you just need to define your variables withing TransSECS and update the values from your data source. TransSECS manages the GEM messages to manage Communication and Control States, Events, Alarms, Limits, Spooling and much more.

TranSECS even generates documentation which, with ErgoTech's SECS/GEM manual template lets you deliver documentation quickly and easily.

SECS and GEM can be confusing. With 20 years experience in Semiconductor interfacing we're here to help.

TransSECS with Operator Inteface at the tool and Cloud
TransSECS at the tool