TransSECS Benefits

With a graphical editor and easy to understand interface ErgoTech's TransSECS product provides many benefits. Even user new to SECS/GEM can create complete solutions very quickly. It's so easy and fast that we can usually create your interface for you as part of your product purchase. This gives you a good example that is immediately relevant to your project that you can easily refine and modify as your project progresses. Not quite turn-key (we can provide that for you also for additional cost) but with some final testing and modifications the path to a complete solution is clear.

TransSECS is as non-intrusive as possible. We don't have an intrusive licensing poliicy - no need for addition "license" servers or failures because of errors in licensing systems.

The TransSECS interface is an easy add-on. You build your application your way and then add on TransSECS SECS/GEM. We don't want to distract you from the best way to create your tool or host, just be there to help. That's reflected in the range of "flavors" of TransSECS available including OPC, PLC, .NET, Java, scripting and others.

If you're building your application programmatically in Java, .NET or other language you'll write much less code and much easier code because TransSECS already provides the message matching and most of the initialization code. Three lines of code are required to initialize the entire SECS/GEM interface:

EquipmentController equipmentController = new EquipmentController();

Long initialization of competitors interface vs. 3 lines required by TransSECS
Other initialization routine

There are other features that your customers will appreciate. We build host applications, and the worst part of this is inaccurate and outdated documentation.

TransSECS obsoletes documentation apologies
TransSECS manual generation

TransSECS automatically generates the documentation for the SECS/GEM interface and provides a manual template to which you can add the dynamic information and very quickly easily and accurately create a SECS manual for your customer. They'll appreciate that and you'll have less support.

Integration with ErgoTech's MIStudio product means that you create an entire solution without programming. MIStudio also provides easy integration with MES systems, such as Promis, as well as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Once complete you can then deploy your SECS/GEM interface almost anywhere. On the same system as your controller including Windows, Linux and others. Or on an external "black box" including, of course, hugely popular Raspberry Pi: