TransSECS OPC Server

TransSECS/OPC provides a SECS/GEM interface as an OPCUA server (or a Legacy OPC COM server) easily adding SECS/GEM to standard factory automation products such as Wonderware, Intellution, Indusoft and many more. The TransSECS OPC server is a stand-alone product with no third party software required that you can run on Windows, Linux or other platforms. (Legacy OPC is limited to Windows platforms).

You define your VIDs (values you make available to the host), ALIDs (alarms) and CEIDs within the TransSECS editor. CEIDs are events that happen within the tool that might be of interest to the host. At a minimum this should include events important for lot integrity (lot start, lot complete, lot paused/stopped, recipe changed, etc.). Your automation software needs to keep the values updated and set a tag when an alarm or an event occur. You can also add messages for host control (Start, stop, etc.) and for recipe management if needed. The values from the message and notification that the message has been received will be placed in OPC tags. TransSECS also generates documentation and includes a "boiler-plate" manual so that you can easily provide accurate documentation to the end user.

Build the interface in the TransSECS Editor:

TransSECS/OPC Editor

Then just start the server:


Once complete you can then deploy it on a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux and others. May we suggest our hugely popular Raspberry Pi solution: